Fake Google/Yelp reviews

It has come to my attention that there are people aka "trolls" who make their living by writing fake and false reviews on Google and other such websites.  Thus far today alone I have reported to Google twelve such fake and false reviews that were initiated today .

Please know that I occasionally look at reviews and if the review has merit I will respond accordingly as well as attempt to satisfactorily remedy the situation with the customer.

However if the review is fake and false I will also respond accordingly and I can assure you my response will be quite forceful, vindictive and exceptionally unkind.  In addition I will report the review and your profile to Google, I will file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and go through all the necessary channels, up to and including pursuing litigation, if necessary and the review will be removed.

I am certain there a millions of businesses who work very hard for their livelihoods and do not deserve to be subject to such treatment especially as they are working to survive under such trying circumstances.  That being said I will continue to fight these "trolls", liars and fraudsters through whatever means necessary.  You are welcome to judge the reviews you read for yourself as you see fit.

if you are a fellow business owner experiencing the similar issues feel free to borrow my text and adjust it to suit your own needs.