Nuyorican Pasteles FAQ's

1.  How many is in a dozen pasteles? Twelve (12) pasteles is in a dozen.  A half dozen pasteles is six (6) pasteles.

2.  How do you ship the pasteles or other food items?  Each item is frozen, vacuum sealed, shipped in a thermal bag with ice packs via UPS or USPS.

3.  Do you ship with dry ice?  At an additional cost to you.  Dry ice costs $2 a pound and is considered a hazardous material.  The maximum amount of dry ice that is allowed in any shipment is 5 pounds.  Shipping a hazardous material such as dry ice also incurs an additional "hazardous materials fee" from the shipping companies.  Mishandling of dry ice can cause severe frostbite.  Finally, dry ice evaporates within 24 hours.

Dry ice and styrofoam cooler upgrades can be purchased via the website for $20 extra and is recommended for orders that will require 3 days of shipping or more.

4.  Do you hand grind the masa for the Pasteles?  No.  I make thousands of Pasteles.  I use a commercial food grinder or food processor to facilitate the process.

5.  What is in the vegetable Pasteles?  Spinach, squash, mushrooms, onion, tomato, eggplant, chickpeas, green and red peppers as well as seasoning and spices.

6.  How do you cook Pasteles?  You put a large pot of water to boil and you put in the frozen Pasteles once the water is boiling.  You can add salt to the water to taste if you chose.  The Pasteles need to boil for one hour.  Once the Pasteles have cooked for one hour you can cut the string, unwrap the Pasteles and enjoy alone or with your favorite accompaniments.